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This does not seem to address a "shortcoming" in Sartre's philosophy since Sartre implies a similar thing in the primacy of the for-itself over all external values and "universal truths" which are falsely claimed to transcend human existence. There does not seem to be a basis for a coherent ethics, only the same internally valid value system of the for itself justifying its own existence.

Mill notes that it may be further objected that a person may set a bad example for others by his actions and
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If the route of knowledge is through a lecture pertaining to one of the above mentioned subjects or a similar subject, the following fictitious examples can help to zero in on what to look for in a metaphysical lecture: "How to Get in Touch with Your Spirit Guides", "Developing Your Innermost Mediumistic Abilities", Reorganizing Your Health and Your Home with Feng Shui," "Listening to the Voices of the Angels," Reading and Interpreting Human Auras," and "Using the Tarot to Develop Personal Relationships."
Greeks recognized that there were two kinds of love, Common Love and Noble Love. The combination of these two loves will make for an everlasting love. It is the love of mind, body, and soul, not the foolish love of youth, or the love of intellect a person develops later in life. It is the same today. People who wish to have true everlasting love should look through the shell of their potential mate, and discover what is on the inside. Potential lover's should know each other's inner most feelings thoughts, and intellect, not just the exterior shell. Physical beauty is deceiving. It blinds the mind to the workings of the real person. The old saying "beauty is only skin deep" is an idea that more people should accept. There is virtue in beauty, but attraction due to beauty itself, and only beauty has no virtue, and is not everlasting. Combining physical love with the love of the person's intellect is the best way to ensure a happy healthy relationship. This is the true love, and finds its roots in virtue not in beauty. Virtue is the higher form of love, and Common Love is the lowest form. The ideal form of love combines virtue with the physical attraction of Common Love.
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