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Intellectual Attain
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Location: Gabon, Moyen-Ogooué, Lambaréné
Created: 05/23/2017
The Common Love is for those with weak hearts and the inability to see past the physical to the inner beauty. This is also the Love most experience in the latter half of the twentieth Century. We know longer fall in love with a person because of who they are inside, and what the stand for in life. Today, we fall in love for what people are, what they look like, and what kind of job they have. This is Common Love, if we would search for Heavenly Love inside those around us, we would be much happier. Heavenly Love is the love of those with high virtue. Virtue, honor and goodness are the most beautiful qualities of mankind. The person who deserves your love is those who treat you kindly, with the most honor, virtue, and goodness. Common Love is the love of young boys and women. It is the Love of lust, and the vulgar love of the physical body. It is the love of wealth and power and is fleeting. Noble Love, the Love of the older Aphrodite is lasting. Common Love causes man to act irrationally, emotionally. It is this type of love that causes jealousy and anger in mates.
Our eyes and other senses distort the truth and can deceive us. We must use both the mind and the senses, we must observe nature and analyze what we see. This is the law of nature Descartes discovers, and his idea, "I think, therefore I am," corresponds to it, therefore it is true. However, in order to discover truth we must be totally neutral. We cannot allow our senses to deceive us in the pursuit of truth.
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Locke outlined the aims and purposes of the state in his "Two Treatises of Government", and by the time of the American Revolution, Locke's principles and philosophies were well known and deeply embed...
By making a big deal of the charge of corrupting the youth, Plato garners more sympathy from the youth. It is as if their leaders are saying they are not smart enough to think for themselves, and to c...
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06/15/2017 3:58 am | Alter Modes
How does this effect Popper's criticism of Marxism as not scientific when nothing has technically been disproven and cannot be disproven unless another form of social production comes into existence? ...
05/30/2017 11:06 am | Principle Become
Plato had a great influence on Aristotle and other Greek philosophers. His works also influenced the Greek and Latin Fathers of the Christian church. The study of Plato's doctrines and the influence o...
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